“None of us ever expected that in such a short period of time, our taste would receive such an extraordinary response. It is this very response that has driven us all to never take anything for granted and to pledge that we will never change a thing.”

Alejandro Gomez Torres
Founder & CEO

It is with great enthusiasm
that we welcome you to BUF

We are immensely grateful you have enjoyed our mozzarellas, ricottas, burratas & Andean yogurts. All of us here in El Rosal, Colombia have appreciated, and will continue to appreciate your loyalty & trust. We could not have achieved what we have without your support & feedback. This is something we will never forget.

Today, the tastes of our cheeses & yogurts continue to surprise people and make them reflect on the new possibilities. And if you have not yet tasted BUF, it is our hope that by savoring BUF, you will view things in an entirely different light, with a downright fresh frame of mind.

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Latest News

We are so proud to be the first and only NON GMO certified creamery in the World.

We are proud to create our tastes in our beautiful country of Colombia and are excited to share a snap shot of our life here from our buffalos “point of view”; surrounded by mountains, rivers and lush grasses; an Andean & cloud-forest paradise. We hope this video inspires you to taste our award-winning cheeses and perhaps make you consider, that a single taste could change so much.